Hops & Grain to release new mainstay beer, PorterCulture, in cans

Fresh off celebrating three years in business, Hops & Grain will add another canned beer to its permanent lineup when PorterCulture slowly debuts in the brewery taproom, stores, restaurants and bars next week.

Photo by Arianna Auber. Cans of Hops & Grain PorterCulture will start appearing in stores, restaurants and bars next week.
Photo by Arianna Auber.
Cans of Hops & Grain PorterCulture will start appearing in stores, restaurants and bars next week.

The Baltic-style porter, lighter than other beers of that style, “was a long time coming” for the brewery, owner Josh Hare said. He said that with a pale lager, an altbier, a pale ale and an IPA all in cans, Hops & Grain had been looking to release another year-round beer that would round out the portfolio — something dark, a porter or a stout, that would still be drinkable in summer’s hottest months.

It took some time for brewers to come up with just the right base recipe, but PorterCulture, originally one of the small-batch creations people can only try at the taproom, ended up being what they had been seeking. Brewed with lager yeast and blended with de-husked black malt and chocolate wheat, it doesn’t have the chalky finish that other porters can leave on the tongue; instead, it’s clean and crisp even as notes of coffee, dark chocolate and graham crackers round out only a mild hint of hoppy bitterness at the start. A couple of rounds of PorterCulture also doesn’t make you feel full.

“Porters are generally meant for wintertime,” brewer Bob Galligan said. “But PorterCulture is a good beer for the fall.”

With a 6.56 percent ABV, the beer is suited for Texas’ hotter months, too. PorterCulture’s purple cans will join the other mainstays, Pale Dog, Alt-eration, the Greenhouse IPA and the One They Call Zoe (Hops & Grain’s top-seller), on shelves all year round.

But Hare isn’t stopping there. He’s already got plans to play around with barrel-aging and other projects in the Greenhouse, Hops & Grain’s 3 barrel pilot system that’s yielded tons of one-off experimental brews.

“We’re really looking forward to the wonderful projects that will soon come from our barrel-aging program using PorterCulture as the base,” he said in a press release.

The brewery also has a handful of Austin Beer Week events scheduled between Oct. 24 and Nov. 2 — among them a Halloween party, a beer-and-cheese pairing event and a beer dinner at Hi Hat Public House.

Author: Arianna Auber

Arianna Auber writes in-depth news about beer, wine and spirits for Liquid Austin and keeps readers in the know about fun local events with the Planner.

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