Austin craft beer community reacts to Budweiser Super Bowl commercial

Budweiser's Super Bowl ad took a swing at craft breweries and craft beer fans, saying that Bud's "golden suds" weren't "brewed to be fussed over.”

Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad took a swing at craft breweries and craft beer fans, saying that Bud’s “golden suds” weren’t “brewed to be fussed over.”

Craft beer lovers have now had well over a full day to digest Budweiser’s “not brewed to be fussed over” Super Bowl ad — which means, of course, that they’ve had plenty of time to voice their thoughts on the polarizing ad via social media.

The range of opinions, from rage to satisfaction to apathy, in Austin’s beer scene reflected the country as a whole. Some people vowed not to drink any of the beers from craft breweries that AB InBev (the multinational beverage company that owns Budweiser) has purchased, most recently Seattle’s Elysian Brewing. Others pointed out that the ad, which took a swing at the apparently snobby, very large group of Americans who prefer to drink craft beer over the macro stuff, was simply a defensive maneuver hoping to keep its target audience who already like Budweiser’s “golden suds.”

Then, the other big player involved in macro beer responded last night with a sort of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” message: MillerCoors, owners of brands such as Blue Moon and Leinenkugel’s, came out with a poster proclaiming exactly the opposite of the Budweiser ad.

What do you think about Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad? (Which, as many in the media pointed out yesterday, inadvertently poked fun at one of the very beers that its recently purchased Elysian Brewing has produced in the past. Way to do your homework, Bud.) I tend to agree with An Avenue’s Eric Puga — fine, Budweiser doesn’t think very much of drinkers like us who don’t buy their beer, but why should we care? Sure, AB InBev has bought up a handful of smaller breweries over the years. But the company certainly doesn’t have the resources to either take over all craft breweries in the U.S. or convert those who support them.

We’ll keep enjoying our fussed-over beer, thanks.

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