Event: Mexic-Arte’s tequila barrel exhibit opens tomorrow

VM Fisk's "Nectar of the Gods," made from an Herradura tequila barrel, centers around the agave plant.

VM Fisk’s “Nectar of the Gods,” made from an Herradura tequila barrel, centers around the agave plant.

Austin artists have long loved using unusual canvases on which to create their work, so finding inspiration from tequila barrels was a welcome challenge for those who participated in Tequila Herradura’s Barrel Art Competition last year. Now, long after the winners were declared, it’s time to view their creations at the Mexic-Arte Museum.

Timed with National Tequila Day, Mexic-Arte’s Art + Tequila event tomorrow night plans to showcase the museum’s latest exhibit: each of the pieces made from those oak tequila barrels.

The event is unfortunately sold out, but the 10 barrel art pieces that were entered in Herradura’s competition will remain on display at the Congress Avenue museum through Aug. 23. Among them are the works that won first, second or third place: VM Fisk’s “Nectar of the Gods,” Eric Port’s “Moler El Corazon” and JaelahFAD’s “Kinect.”

Fisk’s, which Vetta magazine said was “inspired by the beauty of the agave plants at Casa Herradura and the legend of the Goddess of Agave, Mayahuel,” took the top prize — and $10,000.

Herradura, according to Mexic-Arte, was inspired by the craft that goes into the tequila-making process and has been offering the Barrel Art Program as a way to showcase creativity in all its different forms.

For more information, visit Mexic-Arte’s website.

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