Oskar Blues to open new location in Austin next year

Contributed by Oskar Blues. A new location of Oskar Blues is being built in Austin, and it’ll have a focus on live music in keeping with the city’s quirky spirit.

A big Colorado brewery, after expanding a few years ago to North Carolina, is now coming to Austin, too — with plans to open a brewery, taproom and live music venue in the north side of town.

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew plans to open a new location at 10420 Metric Blvd. in April 2016, aiming to brew the full lineup of cans and draft beer, according to a press release.

“North Carolina and Colorado are filled with amazing communities and experiences mingled with live music and… great craft beer scenes,” Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis said in the press release. “The passion and rebellious nature of Austin locals, along with the food, craft beer and live music scenes create a vibe that already feels like home.”

The massive 50,000 sq. ft. space will start with an initial capacity of 30,000 bbls per year — but can potentially reach a 100,000 bbl capacity. That’s going to be a lot of beer.

Oskar Blues opened a little under 18 years ago in a small Colorado town and expanded east to North Carolina in 2012. It’ll be the first craft brewery to build additional locations in Austin. (Atwater Brewery, based in Detroit, has had plans for the past couple years to expand here, too, but that’s taking awhile to get underway.)

For more information, visit @OskarBluesATX on Twitter.

Author: Arianna Auber

Arianna Auber writes in-depth news about beer, wine and spirits for Liquid Austin and keeps readers in the know about fun local events with the Planner.

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