Austin Brewery Tours now available for booking

Visiting more than one brewery in a day can be tricky — what happens when you’ve enjoyed a few beers but still have to drive home safely?

That’s where transportation services like Austin Brewery Tours can come in handy. Recently launched by local beer lover Shane Orr, Austin Brewery Tours shuttles people to a trio of breweries and has knowledgeable guides to take you through tastings and demonstrations of the brewing process at each one. A recent trip, for example, delivered Austinites to Zilker Brewing and Hops & Grain on the east side and to Adelbert’s Brewing farther north, all in a four-to-five hour timespan.

“I decided to offer the tours to help promote the Austin lifestyle, (so tied to) its craft beer scene,” Orr said in an email.

Photo by Emma Janzen / American-Statesman. You can enjoy beer tastings during a trip with the Austin Brewery Tour.
Photo by Emma Janzen / American-Statesman. You can enjoy beer tastings during a trip with the Austin Brewery Tour.

He’d noticed that there aren’t many tours locally offering a specific focus on breweries and wanted to change that, especially after a quick Google search revealed the wealth of offerings in Central Texas — “around 40 in and around Austin, with more on the way,” he said. With so many breweries in the area, it seemed to him that they were in need of a safe way to bring groups to them.

And so far, his instincts seem to be right. A couple of the Austin Brewery Tours trips have sold out this month, and brewers at many of the stops the tour makes have so far been supportive of the tours. “Some of the breweries and I developed background stories to share,” Orr said.

The $70 tours get you everything, according to the website, including transportation to three local breweries and beer samples at each of them; the cost even covers tipping. So far, the tours are private and begin and end at a group’s meeting spot, like a hotel or house. You can bet at all of them that the tour guides will offer up plenty of tidbits about the breweries — the tours are partly how Orr has become such an expert on the beer scene.

“Doing repeated tours, you learn a lot about each brewery, their processes, and who runs them,” he said.

To purchase a tour, visit

Author: Arianna Auber

Arianna Auber writes in-depth news about beer, wine and spirits for Liquid Austin and keeps readers in the know about fun local events with the Planner.

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