Adelbert’s releases another Whimsical beer

Adelbert's Sundowner, a champagne-like beer, is now on store shelves and in bars, perfect for any holiday toasts this year.

Adelbert’s Sundowner, a champagne-like beer, is now on store shelves and in bars, perfect for any holiday toasts this year.

Just in time for the holidays, Adelbert’s has two new beers hitting draft lines and retail shelves: the latest in the North Austin brewery’s rotating special release series, Whimsical, and the return of a popular one from this season last year.

Following up the debut of the first Whimsical beer, a pink-hued hibiscus saison, is Adelbert’s Whimsical Wild Pale Ale, a 6.9 percent ABV brew that was dry-hopped for a floral aroma and also fermented with 100 percent Brettanomyces yeast, according to a press release. All that Brett a funky yeast commonly used in brewing, albeit not as often in such high quantities imparts on the beer a bunch of fruity and earthy notes.

The beer is on draft only, but try to order a glass of it if you can: Adelbert’s founder Scott Hovey is particularly proud of the beer and the Whimsical series as a whole, noting in the press release that it was “perfectly crafted by our team.”

Adelbert’s other beer to look out for is the Sundowner, a bière brut that makes for a solid alternative to champagne during holiday toasts this season. Although the Belgian style isn’t often produced here, Adelbert’s brewers think maybe it should be. They were surprised at how quickly their version flew off the shelves last year.

“It was our best received first pass of beer we’ve ever done,” Hovey said in an interview earlier this year.

Sundowner, brewed with champagne yeast, has “a blend of the spicy, fruity notes of a Belgian ale balanced with the mouthfeel and body of a sparkling wine. The effervescent ale possesses hints of white grape and green apple with a crisp, bone-dry finish,” according to a press release. And its striking similarity to champagne does indeed mean that people who don’t like beer might find themselves sipping on Sundowner. Just keep in mind that like champagne, the beer is 12 percent ABV.

“It is our hope that this crossover style will give beer lovers and non-beer fans something to enjoy together,” Adelbert’s general manager Sarah Haney said last year. “Plus, it’s the perfect New Year’s drink for craft beer fans.”

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