Austin named one of the best beer cities in America

Photo by Ralph Barrera / American-Statesman. Adelbert's Brewery's Tripel Treat is in stores now, so grab a bottle before they're all gone.
Photo by Ralph Barrera / American-Statesman. Adelbert’s Brewery was mentioned in a Wine Enthusiast list naming the top beer cities in the U.S.

Well, it’s official: Austin’s many breweries have now made the city one of the top destinations in the U.S. for grabbing a freshly made brew.

Wine Enthusiast magazine recently listed the seven “great American beer cities” — and our beloved Texas town took a bow at number five, alongside Portland, Maine at #1; Milwaukee, Wisconsin at #2; and Asheville, North Carolina at #3. (Strikingly, two well-known beer states, Oregon and Colorado, weren’t in the top three; Washington, another big beer spot, didn’t even place.)

Here’s what Wine Enthusiast had to say about Austin:

Hops & Grain opens daily at 8:00 a.m. for coffee, but if you politely ask, staff will pour beer samples. Visit Adelbert’s Brewery for Belgian-inspired brews, Black Star Co-Op Pub and Brewery for dinner and Austin Beerworks, the largest craft brewer in the city. Jester King Brewery, on a sprawling ranch along the city line, serves some of the country’s finest farmhouse and wild ales.”

There are a couple local beer makers that should’ve been mentioned in a list like this one — Blue Owl Brewing in East Austin, for one, which has the distinction of being the only brewery in the country to focus solely on sour-mashed brews. And where’s Live Oak Brewing? One of Austin’s oldest breweries is back in the local spotlight after releasing its beers in cans and preparing to open a brand-new brewery across the street from the Austin airport. (Live Oak’s updates are probably too new to get it on the list, in all honesty. Next year, OK?)

Wine Enthusiast still got one thing right. Austin’s becoming a destination for beer, in addition to all the other reasons it’s so loved.

Author: Arianna Auber

Arianna Auber writes in-depth news about beer, wine and spirits for Liquid Austin and keeps readers in the know about fun local events with the Planner.

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