goBooze launches in Austin as newest alcohol delivery service

Thought the local market was already pretty drenched with on-demand services delivering alcohol to your door?

Not so fast. Austin now has another one, and it’s debuting today, just in time for holiday merrymaking, with the promise that it’s not quite like some of the others — Minibar being the most recent of these, Drizly perhaps the most well-known.

The Philadelphia-based delivery service goPuff has already been available in Austin, although before today, users weren’t able to order beer, wine or spirits from it. Now, goBooze has become part of the goPuff app. Simply click on it or the goPuff website, and you’ll be able to order beer and wine from it, including a limited number of local products. Spirits and a wider variety of local items will become available here later.

goBooze launches Dec. 13 with a supply of craft beer to choose from and have delivered to your door.
goBooze launches Dec. 13 with a supply of craft beer to choose from and have delivered to your door.

It stands out from the other alcohol delivery services (and other on-demand services, period) because goPuff has warehouses in Austin and nine other U.S. cities stocked with everything from “snacks, drinks and ice cream to home goods, beer and electronics,” according to a release.

On the other hand, Drizly and the other booze delivery apps like Thirstie rely on liquor stores around town to bring you your order. The apps merely help you place that order, while the stores are actually the ones to get it to you. But goPuff promises, because “it does not depend on other stores to operate,” that you’ll get what you requested in 30 minutes or less.

goBooze has a flat $1.95 delivery charge, but it’s waived for orders over $49. The service is in business from noon to midnight every day except Sunday, when the delivery time is expanded to 1 a.m. For now, the delivery zone is mostly central and doesn’t serve outlying zip codes. (A full map of the goBooze area is on the website.)

Plus, the app goes above and beyond to make sure you’re 21 and up if purchasing alcohol. You’ll get reminded throughout the ordering process that your ID will get checked, and if you don’t have the proper credentials or aren’t the right age, you’ll be blacklisted from the goPuff app.

The co-founders of goPuff, according to the release, are Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola. They were undergrads at Drexel University in Pennsylvania when “they built the company, inspired by their own frustrations running out of drinks, snacks and supplies when hosting parties.”

Clearly — no matter which alcohol delivery app is your favorite — you won’t have any problems staying stocked up during your own holiday celebrations.

Author: Arianna Auber

Arianna Auber writes in-depth news about beer, wine and spirits for Liquid Austin and keeps readers in the know about fun local events with the Planner.

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