Do you know where your nearest brewery is, Central Texas?

Sure, Austin still has a long way to go before it reaches “beer haven” status claimed by cities like Denver, Portland, Ore. and Seattle — but the city is well on its way.

We’ve already reported a number of times on Austin’s beer boom, but to give you graphic evidence, you should check out the below map by the Washington Post.

Using data from POI Factory, a website built and used largely by GPS users plotting points of interest across the United States, the Washington Post’s 

The end result shows you what local beer is closest to you, and points out especially diverse beer hubs (as well as wastelands). Use your mouse to hover over the map below to explore:

Credit: Washington Post. Note: Not mobile-friendly

If you take a look specifically at Texas, you’ll notice that a good portion of the Lone Star State’s breweries are concentrated in Central Texas. Just look how colorful the Austin is:

Screenshot of Washington Post interactive
Did you catch any Austin breweries that didn’t make it into the map?

As we’ve been saying, it’s a good time to be alive and drinking local beer in Central Texas.

Interactive assigns each U.S. city an ‘Oktoberfest’ score

Is Austin a beer city? If so, how do our beer-drinking ways compare to others?

Photo by Renee Brock
Photo by Renee Brock

A new interactive by Esri, a geo-mapping and data site, seeks to answer this question as well as offer some perspective on Austin’s overall drinking culture.

(What on earth did you think an “Oktoberfest score” could possibly be?)

Plug in your zipcode or “Austin, TX” to explore all the demographics data Esri used to assign the scores. Esri assigned Austin a “5.” For reference, the highest score, assigned to Chevy Chase Village, Md., was a “10.” The highest score in Texas, a 9.2, went to Montgomery.

According to Esri’s data, which is compiled some from unnamed, mystery data set, Austin households. which Esri identifies are mostly single-person households, on average spend $125 per year on beer. Note these numbers don’t include beer purchased at liquor or grocery stores.

In 2014, the Statesman found that Travis County sold an average of $410.05 worth of alcohol per person per year, so Esri’s number could add up if you take into account wine and other alcoholic drinks.

For comparison, Austin household spend about $32 more per year on beer than San Antonio, $41 more than San Marcos and $15 more than both Houston and Dallas.



West campus hangout named one of the best college bars in America

The food and drink website The Daily Meal isn’t the first one to round up the best college bars in America.

Mike Sutter/American-Statesman.
Mike Sutter/American-Statesman.

Business Insider and Thrillist have previously undertaken the daunting task of naming the best places for American college students to drink cheaply, root for their team and have memorable — or not-so-memorable — nights.

West campus favorite Cain and Abel’s made it to all of the above lists, debuting most recently at No. 16 on The Daily Meal’s 2015 national round up.

The bar is home to Texas Tea (a riff on a Long Island), the H-Bomb as well as daily rotating food and drink specials.

Cain and Abel’s opened in 1991, but the space on the corner of Rio Grande and 24th Street has been feeding and quenching the thirst of Longhorns for much longer: Between 1980 and 1989, the bar was known as Abel Moses.

Today Cain and Abel’s sister locations include Abel’s on the Lake and Abel’s North — but neither have quite the same quintessential college vibe as the original.

Vote for your favorite margarita in Austin

This may be the readers’ poll that everyone has been waiting for.

The Sotol Margarita brings out the grassy nature of the agave-based spirit. It's slightly less sweet than a traditional margarita, and was served as part of the experimental Mixology Wednesday series at El Monumento in Georgetown. Emma Janzen/American-Statesman
Emma Janzen/American-Statesman

After naming Austin’s favorite guacamole, Austin’s favorite queso and Austin’s favorite place to grab a beer, it’s finally time to name Austin’s favorite margarita.

Will it be the house margaritas from Austin’s Tex-Mex institutions like Z’Tejas or Matt’s Famous El Rancho? Or will one of the more exotic newcomers like Azul Tequila’s Chamoy margarita or Licha’s Cantina’s watermelon margarita be crowned Austin’s favorite?

Consider your vote carefully and then share it with all your margarita-loving friends. Once all the results are in, we’ll create an interactive guide to lead you to all of Austins’ favorite margaritas.

Lastly, don’t forget to show us what you’re drinking by adding #austin360drinks to your photos on social media.

For more of Austin’s favorites, make sure to check out our past Readers’ Picks guides.

Readers’ Picks: Austin’s favorite places to grab a beer

Photo by Mark Matson
Photo by Mark Matson

To put it simply, our Readers’ Poll for Austin’s favorite places to grab a beer exploded. With over 10,000 votes in a little over a week, it was by far our most popular with readers chiming in to vote on their most-loved brewpubs, taprooms and sports bars in the Austin area. Over a dozen places received more than a hundred votes each, but no place received more votes than our winner, Cover 3 sports bar. Click through for the full guide to readers’ favorite places to grab a beer in the Austin area.

And stay tuned for our next Readers’ Picks poll.


Help us find Austin’s favorite place to grab a beer

We need your help, Austin: Where is your favorite place to grab a cold one? Is it because of the craft beer selection? The sheer number of beers on tap? The rotating specials? The dog-friendly patio? The snacks? The ease of parking? The jukebox?

Photo by Mark Matson
Photo by Mark Matson

We want you — the beer-drinking reader — to decide. Vote in our poll below and we’ll use your answers to make an interactive map and guide ranking readers’ favorite places to grab a beer. Use the comments to tell us why you voted.